Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tips on Preparing Food For Babies

We want to prepare meals for babies? Although much more hassle, but this is very good because you can monitor the nutritional content and nutritional. In addition we can try a variety of food menu is different, so you can train the baby to know different kinds of foods and flavors.

Here are tips on how to prepare food for infants:
  1. Do not add preservatives, dyes, and artificial flavorings.
  2. Recommend on diversity or serve a varied menu.
  3. Better to use fresh foods in the form of packaging.
  4. Pay attention because this is important nutritional composition for infant growth.
  5. Teach your baby to a variety of flavors and textures of food.
Tips on Giving Food Distraction
Good snack or snack you also give to the baby. That stuff is also varied, depending on how we can be creative to make this snack or serving.
Here are tips to provide a snack for baby:
  1. Do not give a snack before the main meal times, because the baby will trigger satiety and do not want to eat anymore.
  2. Give two times daily between meals. For example, the first after breakfast before lunch and the second in the afternoon.
  3. Vary the type of snack for the baby.
  4. Do not give foods that contain a lot of sugar interludes (especially artificial sugar) and too fatty.
Avoid snack hard texture so that the baby does not choke.

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