Thursday, July 17, 2014

Baby Massage Tips

Newborns desperately need warmth and a touch of the nearby, especially the touch of the hands of the mother. Infant massage is one way to express our love to the baby.

Some of the benefits that can be felt by us or the baby include:
  1. Provide a comfortable and relaxed feeling to the baby.
  2. Sensitivity training.
  3. Wake interaction between mother and baby.
  4. Create close bonds between mothers and infants through eye contact.
  5. Making the mother and baby get to know each other intimately.
The positive effects of physical in infant massage include:
  1. Improve blood circulation and breathing.
  2. Stimulates digestion and elimination function
  3. Improving depression and tension in infants.
  4. Making baby fast asleep.
  5. Reducing pain during bloating and abdominal pain.
  6. Increasing the volume of breast milk.
  7. Increase the number and cytotoxicity of the immunity system.
  8. Menubah positive brain waves.
Here are some guidelines that baby massage can be practiced:
  1. Select the appropriate time where the baby was not fussy, not after a meal and you are also not in a hurry.
  2. Ask permission first on the baby. Then look at the response. If moving happily means she wants in a massage, but if you just stay quiet even turned his back means he is not willing in massage. Put off first intention for baby massage.
  3. Use Telon oil or special oil for baby massage (can be purchased at a pharmacy or drug store or a baby store)
  4. Perform massage on the mat wide. So that we could sit on the mat along with the baby to be in a massage.
Massage for each member of the body is different. If any massaging, can be fatal to the baby, the following steps for every member of body massage can be practiced:
  1. For the feet; our hands forming the letter C, handheld baby toe tip and base, then gently blazing from the bottom up (like movement but with a gentle squeeze). Repeat 3-5 X.
  2. To butt; put our hands under the buttocks do massage with movements made.
  3. For stomach; Rub massage oil around the abdomen and gently massage into the top of the left abdomen. Rates sejajr to the right and then down to the bottom (forming the letter n)
  4. For chest; Put both hands on the baby's chest, then do massage up and down.
  5. For the hand; The movements are the same as on the foot massage.
To head; Perform massage above the eyebrows, then do the massage in the head with a position such as rubbing or stroking.

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