Monday, July 21, 2014

Tips in Choosing and Dot Baby Milk Bottle

Pacifiers and bottle of milk for your baby is very diverse, ranging from the brand, shape the material to manufacture. There is a dot made of silicon or rubber. While the milk bottle is made of glass or plastic. The quality and the price is also very diverse. Do not confuse the trigger first.

Here are some tips in choosing a bottle of milk for the baby:
  1. Select a pacifier is made of silicone, rubber pacifiers can cause allergies for your baby.
  2. Replace it with a regular dot, dot because there are easily torn and dull.
  3. Select a pacifier as needed. There are a wide variety of dot sizes, for example size of S is the dot with a small hole.
  4. For milk should select a bottle made of glass or BPA-free certified.
Choose a bottle that looks weird is not so easy to clean. Now on the market encountered many dot with various shapes swirling. It is very difficult for the cleaning process. As a result a lot of residual milk left in the bottle. This causes the bacteria and can cause disease to infants.

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