Monday, July 14, 2014

Baby Nose Cleaning Tips

Nose is definitely a small baby and we are afraid to clean it. Here I provide some way to clean newborn's nose in order to clean and easy to breathe:
  1. When the baby is awake, he lay on his stomach with his head above the position leads to one side. This position makes the tongue and saliva in the throat so air can easily pass out.
  2. Keep the neighborhood gathering place of dust and fluff. Clean the dust gathering place such as feather pillows, furry animals, and dozens of fluffy gifts that are around the baby.
  3. Keep baby from breathing bullies like cigarette smoke, paint fumes, gasoline, air fresheners, perfume and hair spray. Do not let anyone smoke around your baby, because this is one of the most common nuisance for infant respiratory sensitive.
Those are some tips and tricks that I can give to all of you loyal readers of this health blog. Hopefully useful and able to provide a very useful bit of knowledge for oneself and for others.

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