Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tips on Replacing Baby Diaper

Baby diaper is full and does not immediately change will result in moisture and lead to irritation on baby's skin. Before we change diapers, make sure we do it in a warm room temperature.  

Then, prepare beforehand equipment is needed next to us, among other things:
  1. Dry diapers to change (can cloth diaper or diaper)
  2. Perlak
  3. Cotton
  4. Warm boiled water
  5. Small towel or paper towel
  6. Diaper cream (If the baby is easily affected by allergic or diaper rash)
How to change her diaper is:
  1. Lay the baby on perlak. Remember, do not leave the baby even if could fall or tumble. So prepare equipment prior to changing diapers.
  2. Open up the dirty diapers
  3. Lift the baby's legs by clamping both ankles with one hand.
  4. If the baby's bowel movements (BAB), use the diapers that have not been exposed to dirt to wipe the dirt that still exists in the ass.
  5. Clean again with a small towel or paper towel.
  6. Then wipe again with a cotton ball soaked in warm water. Clean carefully starting from the genitals to the groin.
  7. Dry with a small towel or paper towel.
  8. Before installing the new diaper, briefly winds baby's bottom to prevent diaper rash.
  9. If the well is dry, attach the new diaper.
Other tips:
  1. For baby girls, always wipe from the front to back movement (anus) it is to prevent the entry of bacteria from the anus to the vagina.
  2. For baby boys, do not ever pull the skin of the penis and rubbing them to clean the bottom.
  3. To replace a small towel, use a cloth diaper that has been unused or outgrown. Cut in half and use as a cleaning cloth.  
To be more practical, moisten a cotton swab with warm boiled water and store in a sealed container. Put in place we used to change a diaper. 

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