Sunday, July 13, 2014

Baby Nail Cutting Tips

Baby nails may seem trivial, but if the baby's nails are too long, it will hurt the baby itself. Any soft as baby's nails, but if kept too long can hurt the body itself if scratched. So as a smart mother, do not be lazy to cut the baby's nails to maintain the cleanliness and safety activities.

Here are tips on nail trimming baby:
  1. Use nail clippers round end.
  2. Hold the baby's toes or hands with one of our hands. In order not to cut the nails too deep, press the skin under the nails for easy cutting.
  3. Flatten nails if we feel there is a part that feels sharp pieces or rough. In order to follow the shape of the finger nails, but for the toes should be straight cut.
  4. Check the results of chunks, then puree with a smoothing that is usually present in infant manicure package.
  5. If we accidentally cut her nails up too short, try pressing the cutting results with a sterile cloth that is soft, so that the baby does not feel pain. With a wound and bleed, cut with a sterile cloth or paper towel.
  6. Never close the cut nails with tape, because it can be a choking hazard when the baby put his hand in the mouth.
  7. If the baby is still small and a lot of moves, you should nail scissors while he was sleeping.
  8. If the baby has grown up, nail clippers after she finished showering. Because at that time the nails become softer and easier on the scissors.
  9. To divert the attention of the baby, play his favorite movie or sang with the baby.
  10. Check the baby's nails short length, scissors least every week.

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