Friday, July 18, 2014

Easier Tips to Make Baby A sleep at Night

Nighttime is the time for sleep. This is what we should teach the first time in the baby, if the baby is accustomed to waking up at night, and then invites us to play, at first we may consider this a natural thing, when in fact it is not. Do not follow his will because it will make him unable to distinguish when to play and when to sleep.  

Therefore, if you want the baby to fall asleep at night consider the following tips:
    1. Set the sleep schedule during the day is not too long.
    2. Ahead of sleep a night, barush baby body with a washcloth and warm water, then dry. Rub and massage briefly with Telon baby oil or grease, and wear comfy clothes.
    3. Adjust the room temperature so that the baby does not feel cold or swelter.
    4. Put your baby on his bed and read a story or mendongengkanlah.
    5. Pat the back or ass gently.
    6. If he is invited to play, calm him. Describe the language that is easy to understand that now is the time to sleep.

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