Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Swaddling Tips

Membedong is a technique to wrap the baby with a soft cloth or blanket. Wrap the fabric is like a warm hug as when he was still in the womb. So the expected baby feel comfortable and safe, making them easier to adapt to his new environment.

Baby membedong function is:
  1. Warm the body. Helped him adjust to the temperature outside the womb.
  2. Reflex restrain his hands and feet. Movement reflexes sometimes waking from sleep. So with dibedong he will sleep more restful.
  3. Makes it easier to carry
  4. Soothes fussy babies while, because he will be comfortable, safe and quiet then drowsy and fell asleep.
  5. Avoid the possibility of sudden death syndrome due to supine sleeping infants.
But it should not be too long membedong baby. Should be done until the baby is 1 month old. If the baby is bigger, bedong it will restrict movement and make a fussy baby. So pay attention to some things in membedong baby:
  1. Never in bedong if the weather is too hot.
  2. Note the baby wishes, like in bedong or not.
  3. Be diligent to check if the diaper is wet or not.
  4. Be careful not to cover the face fabric to membedong baby. Few cloth that touched his face, although due to its own movement, but it can make it confused.
Now prepare the equipment needed for membedong baby. The following should be prepared:
  1. Bedding, mattresses or can be on the bed, which is important not slippery and make the baby slipping.
  2. Special fabrics for bedong (do not use a blanket or shawl, because it will make the baby too hot and hard to breathe)
Step-by-step how membedong baby:
  1. Take bedong fabric, then fold into a triangular shape (the longest side is at the top)
  2. Lay the baby on top of the fabric. Make sure the shoulder a bit at the top of the fabric so that the fabric is not the baby's neck Begian.
  3. Pull one corner of the fabric passes through the baby's body. Then tuck in next to the baby's body with baby hand position flanking the fabric.
  4. Do it on another fabric shrinkage, and prepare fabric.
Tips in membedong baby:
  1. If the baby does not like her hands into the bedong, then we can membedong baby's hands with the hands outside.
  2. The rest of the fabric in the legs can be detached or in the connective leave. All up to us. It's just that if we choose to tie it then make sure the rope is not too tight so that the baby does not overheat.
  3. Do membedong too tightly.
If the baby does not like it then we do not need to bedong membedongnya. Benefits membedong is making baby comfortable.

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