Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tip Choke Babies

Choking means the baby is trying to remove something from the oral cavity or respiratory tract or esophagus due to obstructed airways. Baby is sure to be frantic. But if he can cough or vomit, then it will loosen up the airways.
Here I provide a variety of tips to overcome choking baby:
  1. Do not panic, because if we panic then the baby also brought panic. Stay alert while soothing the baby.
  2. Do not waste time trying to throw the food out of his mouth, but we are confident that we can do with ease.
  3. Keep your baby's head down, holding his chest with his hands and gently pat his back with our hands.
  4. If you do not succeed try again, if still no result immediately contact your doctor.
Tips for Baby Discipline Eating in Dining Table
One important step in the development of the baby is disciplined when he could eat at the table, and began to leave the habit of eating while walking. It is the discipline to get the baby to eat at the dinner table takes the process. A baby may be a quick process, but baby B requires more patience.
Tips that we can apply in order to discipline the baby eat at the table, among others:
  1. Teach or apply this habit since the baby can sit alone and started with his first solid food.
  2. Encourage baby to eat with other family members.
  3. Bari examples of your baby in a meal at the dinner table.
  4. Try not to worry about spilling food, dirty clothes, baby's hands and face, as well as littering the floor. It is also a part of the learning process.

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