Monday, July 7, 2014

Tips Diapering

If we put a cloth diaper or diaper to the baby, do not forget to replace ach 6 hours. Even if using a diaper, it seems not full, but immediately replaced. Keep in mind, newborns can urinate every 30 minutes. If using cloth diapers, do not be lazy to replace any wet, because the urine will make the skin wet and can not breathe.
  1. Diaper
    If we put a diaper to the baby, the proper way is:
    1. Open the diaper, tuck under the baby's bottom.
    2. Make sure the tape right at the waist baby, then open the adhesive tape. Glue to the front end. Remember, do not be too strict. then did the only part.
    3. If not fit, adhesive tape can be re-opened. Modern diapers have adhesive tapes which can open the lid with superb adhesion, so that we can fix the position of diapers to fit the baby's body.
  2. Disposable baby diapers directly 
If we put the baby into cloth diapers, the proper way is:
    1. Spread a cloth diaper under the baby. The part that there is no strap on the back.
    2. Pull the cloth diaper Atasa to the front, then tied with a rope that is in the back.
Remember, if the baby's umbilical yet crowbar, rope diapers should exist above or below the navel. Do not tie too tight.

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