Saturday, July 5, 2014

Tips to Stay Fit After Childbirth

Having a baby is exciting, but at the same time can not also be denied having a baby also very time-consuming. Body shape changed, even looks like we're running out of time to ourselves. It is a natural thing experienced by new mothers. Stay excited, even if it looks like there is no time to take care of ourselves, at least we should always fit after giving birth. Not possible? Who says?
Here are some tips for new moms to stay fit after giving birth:
  1. Actively engaged. For example, by exercising. We may be lazy if it heard the word "sport", but this is one way to help us keep fit. No need to exercise energy drain, just take a walk around the complex with your child, or up and down stairs.
  2. Do the fun things, such as reading novels, watching movies, listening to music.
  3. Try to sleep (biarpunhanya briefly). Sleep makes the mind and body fresh.
  4. Breakfast with a menu rich in fiber and protein.
  5. If we like to eat snacks, avoid the sweet taste. Make sure snacks are consumed does not exceed the portion of our meal.
  6. Drink lots of water to prevent dehydration.
  7. Early dinner with a light menu.
  8. Relaxation, such as aromatherapy bath, spa, dal etc..
Similarly, the tips I can share to all readers of this blog. Hopefully useful and adds to our knowledge about the health of our bodies. Still keep your diet and exercise are enough to maintain the balance and health of our bodies.

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